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Sustainable development, industrial ecology, eco-efficiency and green chemistry are leading the next generation of materials, products and process development and progress. Green composite materials play an important role applying in the field of high strengh, light weight, recycling and regeneration. In this context, we are glad to welcome IGCG-10(The 10th International Conference on Green Composites) being organized in Quanzhou, China.


Quanzhou was China's major port for foreign traders, who knew it as Zaiton,during the 11th through 14th centuries. It was visited by both Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta; both travelers praised it as one of the most prosperous and glorious cities in the world. It was the naval base from which the Mongol attacks on Japan and Java were primarily launched and a cosmopolitan center with Buddhist and Hindu temples, Islamic mosques, and Christian churches, including a Catholic cathedral and Franciscan monasteries. A failed revolt prompted a massacre of the city's foreign communities in 1357. Economic dislocations—including piracy and an imperial overreaction to it during the Ming and Qing—reduced its prosperity, with Japanese trade shifting to Ningbo and Zhapu and other foreign trade restricted to Guangzhou. Quanzhou became an opium-smuggling center in the 19th century but the siltation of its harbor long reduced its capacity for trade by larger ships. More information about Quanzhou, please visit https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Quanzhou



hosted by: SAMPE China Mainland Region, China                                                      

                  JSMS Committee on Composite Materials, Japan

Organized by: Quanzhou Normal University

Co-organized by: AVIC Composite Corporation., Ltd (ACC)

                           Tongji University

                      Donghua University

                      And more others in confirming



Prof. Xiao-Su YI, AVIC Composite Corporation, Ltd., China



Mr. Jason Cui, SAMPE China Mainland Region

Others to be confirmed. 



Prof. Takashi Nishino, Kobe University, Japan

Prof. G. Ben, Nihon University, Japan

Prof. D. H. Cho, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea

Prof. T. Fujii, Doshisha University, Japan

Prof. K. Goda, Yamaguchi University, Japan

Prof. H. J. Kim, Soul National University, Korea

Prof. T. Kimura, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. T. Kosaka, Kochi University of Technology, Japan

Prof. Yan Li, Tongji University, P. R. China

Prof. Xiao-Su Yi, AVIC Composite Corporation., Ltd, P. R. China

Prof. A. N. Netravali, Cornell University, USA

Prof. K. Okubo, Doshisha University, Japan

Prof. Y. Ozawa, Fukushima University, Japan

Prof. Yi-Ping Qiu, Quanzhou Normal University/ Donghua University, P. R. China

Prof. Y. Shimamura, Shizuoka University, Japan

Prof. J. Song, Changwon National University, Korea

Prof. H. Takagi, Tokushima University, Japan



Prof. Yi-Ping Qiu, Quanzhou Normal University/ Donghua University

Others to be confirmed




Basic research and application of green composites, i.e. raw materials, function, design, analysis, mechanics, properties and characterization, testing and evaluation, process and fabrication, surface and interface, intelligence, recycling, biodegradable polymers and plastics, nano-celluloses and nano-biomaterials, cellulose based materials, wood polymer composites, etc.



Reception Dinner in the evening of 7th Nov.

Official Banquet in the evening of 8th Nov.

10th-11th (Weekend) Nov.: Social program (dependent on the demand from the participants) 

Deadline of Abstracts Submission:May 18, 2018

Notification of Acceptance:June 8, 2018

Early Bird Registration:August 31, 2018

Final program available:Oct. 19, 2018


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